Dr Khushvinder Kumar


With immense pleasure, I welcome you to the temple of learning. I take modest pride in introducing you to this institution, which is qualitatively and quantitatively equipped with the most learned faculty and ever-growing curricular support system. The student of this region will be happy to know that we are introducing the elective subjects – Sociology, Psychology, Public Administration,
Physical Education, Defence and Strategic Studies, Computer Applications – for the students of social sciences. It will open more avenues for the students of social sciences in the competitive examinations.
We aim at developing the personality of the students by channelizing their energies, chiseling their talent and sharpening their intellect with the articulate assistance of our dedicated faculty. We encapsulate a pleasant blend of cultural values , academic and physical growth in the fast changing scenario of education. Besides developing knowledge and skills, we also promote sports, NCC & NSS for inculcating the elements of social sensitivity in the minds of the students. We carry out campaign to make students recognize their civic, social and global responsibilities.

So young friends, I call upon you to join this institution, adopt it, identify with it, take initiatives and involve with its onward journey.