Sun. Nov 29th, 2020


Code of Conduct



(Code of Conduct by Modi Education Society, Patiala)

             The Teacher here in after known as FIRST PARTY and the Governing Body or Managing Committee of Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala through its Chairman, here in after known as SECOND PARTY.

  1. That the FIRST PARTY shall not take part in any activity which, in the judgement of the Chairman is calculated to lead to indiscipline in the College.
  2. That the FIRST PARTY shall devote his whole time to the duty of his appointment and shall not engage, directly or indirectly in trade, occupation or business, whatsoever, or without the sanction, in writing, of the SECOND PARTY engage himself or take any part in any private tuition work or take up any occupation, whatsoever directly or indirectly which in the opinion of the SECOND PARTY, is likely to interfere with the duties of his appointment.
  3. That the FIRST PARTY shall at all times maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty.
  4. That the FIRST PARTY shall not take any part in subscribe aid of or assist, in any way, any movement which tends to provoke feelings of hatred or enmity between different classes or subjects the Indian Union, or to disturb public peace.
  5. That the FIRST PARTY shall not stand for elections to Parliament/State Legislature/Local Bodies, without the prior permission of the Managing Committee.
  6. That the FIRST PARTY shall not except with the previous permission of the Managing Committee, own wholly or in part or carry or participate in editing or managing of any newspaper or any periodical.
  7. That the FIRST PARTY shall not in any document publish anonymous or in his own name or in the name of any other person or in any communication to the press or in any public utterance, make any statement of fact or express an opinion involving adverse criticism of the actions and policy of the Managing Committee of the College.
  8. That the FIRST PARTY shall not except in accordance with any general or special order of the Managing Committee or in the performance in good faith, of the duties assigned to him, communicate, directly or indirectly any official document or information to any employee or to any other person to whom he is not authorized to communicate such document or information.
  9. That the FIRST PARTY shall not write a guide or a hand book or cheap notes, and shall follow the procedure laid down by the University in case he intends to publish any book.
  10. That the FIRST PARTY shall so manage his private affairs as to avoid habitual indebtedness or insolvency. An employee who becomes the subject of legal proceedings for insolvency shall forthwith report the full facts to the Principal of the College.
  11. That the FIRST PARTY shall not being or attempt to bring any outside influence to bear upon the authorities of his college to further his interest in respect of matters pertaining to his service in the College.
  12. That the FIRST PARTY shall not be member, representative or office bearer of any association representing or purporting to represent teachers or any class of teaching profession, unless such association satisfies the following conditions:-
    1. Its membership is confined to teachers or a distinct class of teachers and it is open to all such employees or class of employees as the case may be.
    2. It is not in any way connected with any political party or organization or does not engage in any political activity.
  13. That the FIRST PARTY shall not apply for any other job, post or scholarship without the previous sanction of the Principal of the College or in case of Principal without the previous sanction of the Managing Committee.
  14. That the FIRST PARTY shall not absent himself from his duties without having first obtained the permission of the Principal or in the case of the Principal of the Managing Committee, leave in all cases must be applied for and sanctioned before it is taken.
  15. That the SECOND PARTY shall be entitled summarily to determine the engagement of the FIRST PARTY for misconduct, but subject as afore said it shall be entitled to determine the engagement after giving three months notice in writing or an payment of the three months salary in lieu of the said notice. Provided in case of serious moral turpitude on the part of the FIRST PARTY, the SECOND PARTY shall have the right to terminate the services of the FIRST PARTY with immediate effect.
  16. That the SECOND PARTY shall not determine the engagement of the FIRST PARTY, whether summarily or otherwise, without informing in writing of the grounds on which they propose to take action, giving him a reasonable opportunity of starting his case in writing and before coming to a final decision shall consider the statement of the FIRST PARTY, and if he so desires, give him a personal hearing.
  17. The FIRST PARTY, may, if he so wishes, terminates his engagement with the SECOND PARTY by giving the SECOND PARTY three months notice in writing or pay the SECOND PARTY a sum equivalent to three months salary in lieu thereof.

            The SECOND PARTY may not, if it so decides, realize such sum from the FIRST PARTY in any particular case.

  1. If the FIRST PARTY is holding a temporary appointment or is on probation, then the said notice for either shall be one month only.
  2. The dismissal or removal or retrenchment from service or reduction rank of an employee shall be governed by the Provisions of the Punjab Affiliated Colleges (Security of Service of Teachers) Act, 1978.
  3. On the termination of this agreement from whatever cause the FIRST PARTY shall deliver, to the SECOND PARTY, all books, apparatus, records and such other articles belonging to the said college or to the SECOND PARTY, or to the University, as may be in his possession or charge.